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With a mild degree of obstetric paralysis, motor disorders in the first days of life are not clearly identified.

Therefore, for diagnosis, special techniques and tests are used, for example, hanging the child’s hand when he is positioned face down in the hands of a pediatrician. Obstetric paralysis requires differential diagnosis with congenital hemihypoplasia, osteomyelitis, poliomyelitis, Parro's pseudoparalysis, clavicle fracture. Treatment of obstetric paralysis should begin from the moment the diagnosis is established. Drug therapy is complex and long-term,includes drugs that reduce swelling, improve blood circulation and trophic processes in the nervous tissue.

In the treatment of obstetric paralysis, massage, exercise therapy, and orthopedic correction are of no small importance. These measures are aimed at restoring impaired motor function in the paretic hand, as well as preventing the development of contractures (tires, special styling are used for this). It is recommended that an uninjured arm be periodically fixed to the body with a Sildenafil soft bandage, such as bandages. This technique contributes to the activation of movements in the paralyzed upper limb.

In obstetric paralysis of moderate and severe degrees, the discoordination of the tone of the flexor and extensor muscles leads to a rather rapid formation of contractures, scoliosis of the cervicothoracic spine, and asymmetric position of the shoulder girdle. Obstetric paralysis is sometimes accompanied by damage to the sternocleidomastoid muscle and (or) fracture of the clavicle. This can cause torticollis. The course and prognosis of obstetric paralysis depend on the severity of damage to the nerve structures. With mild degrees of Viagra, within six months, it is usually possible to achieve a complete restoration of motor function in the affected upper limb. In other cases, full recovery does not occur, pathological attitudes develop.

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Prevention of obstetric paralysis consists in the rational management of childbirth. With a breech presentation or Viagra a large fetus, a planned caesarean section is preferable. With shoulder dystocia, timely episiotomy is indicated, which allows the obstetrician to bring the shoulders down using the necessary manipulations. Work experience: anesthesiologist-resuscitator of the city maternity complex, resuscitator of the hemodialysis department. The information is generalized and is provided for informational purposes only. Seek medical attention at the first sign of illness. Self-medication is dangerous to health! In an effort to get the patient out, doctors often go too far. So, for example, a certain Charles Jensen in the period from 1954 to 1994. survived more than 900 operations to remove neoplasms.

Also, the treatment of obstetric paralysis includes physiotherapy (for example, acupuncture, paraffin or ozocerite applications, electrophoresis of drugs).

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In the USA, there is a law according to which a surgeon can refuse to operate on a patient if he smokes or is overweight. A person must give up bad habits, and then, perhaps, he will not need surgical intervention.

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According to WHO studies, a daily half-hour conversation on a mobile phone increases the likelihood of developing a brain tumor by 40%. A job that a person does not like is much more harmful to his psyche than no job at all.

In 5% of patients, the antidepressant clomipramine causes orgasm. There are very curious medical syndromes, such as compulsive swallowing of objects. In the stomach of one patient suffering from this mania, 2500 foreign objects were found. According to many scientists, vitamin complexes are practically useless for humans.

The liver is the heaviest organ in our body.

Even if a person's heart does not beat, he can still live for a long period of time, as the Norwegian fisherman Jan Revsdal demonstrated to us. His "motor" stopped for 4 hours after the fisherman got lost and fell asleep in the snow.


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In order to say even the shortest and simplest words, we use 72 muscles.

During a sneeze, our body completely stops working. Even the heart stops.

Most women are able to get more pleasure from contemplating their beautiful body in the mirror than from sex. So, women, strive for harmony.

74-year-old Australian James Harrison donated blood about 1,000 times. He has a rare blood type whose antibodies help newborns with severe anemia survive. Thus, the Australian saved about two million children.

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Injuries that are associated with labor activity are called obstetric paralysis or postpartum paresis. They are not always associated with a mistake or incorrect actions of the doctor during the operation; in some cases, such an injury can be detected in advance.Click To Learn More